This is our story...

Macondo was born from the need to offer a platform for small entrepreneurs, designers, small groups, indigenous people and communities of Colombia so that they can showcase their products to any place around the world.

Our mission is to ensure that the work of those who put their effort to achieve such wonderful products, is recognized and can make their art and work a lifestyle from which they can generate enough income to live and sustain their families with.

We aim towards the development of fair and sustainable trade, respect for art, culture, ancestral traditions, our ancestors, our history, our fauna, flora and everything that surrounds us.

That is why we try to link to our project, ventures with a vision and  business model similar to ours. Although we understand that not all ventures can comply 100% with these values, we try to provide periodic feedback and recommend the implementation of better practices for continuous improvement in each of their business processes.

Our business vision places us in 2023 as a benchmark and model to follow in the retail and electronic commerce industry in Colombia and the world, of products made from raw materials that have been obtained responsibly without having a negative impact on nature, made by Colombian hands and with the capacity to reach any corner of the planet through an efficient supply chain. In 2023 we will have obtained international certifications such as "Fair Trade", "Certified Vegan", "Carbon Neutral" among others for a large part of our products and our group of ventures will have at least 50 different brands.

We hope you enjoy all the good things that our beautiful land has to offer.

This is for you, with much love and all the good intentions in the world, we welcome you to Macondo Market.

Isabel and Oskar