The Birth of Macondo


Macondo was born in October of 2020, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time I didn’t have a job and had a lot of free time.

 I was aware of everything that was going on in Colombia at that time, the whole situation of public disturbances and the way that my country was going through the Covid 19 pandemic. Family and friends were in an amazing way learning how to deal with the situation due to the virus.

 All of that got me thinking a lot about how and through what could I do to help and support my family and everyone else. To be honest, one hurts when their country hurts.

 As I was thinking and thinking, I came up with this great and crazy idea: to use Colombia in English, a page I had on Facebook that I previously used to promote and show beautiful and positive things about Colombia. This was a hobby of mine before the pandemic.

 So, I started using Colombia in English not only to share beautiful things about Colombia, but rather to support the people that were dealing with the covid situation. At the same time, I was hoping that in some sort of way this would help reactivate the country’s economy. I wanted to help these people have a source of income through their work and art.


That is how Macondo was born.

- Oskar Morad 

Co-founder of Macondo